FAQ (Commonly Asked Questions)

Q: Will this bed rack fit my truck?
A: Our bedracks fit lots of trucks. We offer brackets for the Nissan and Toyota Utility track, as well as pinch brackets for regular bed rails so you don’t have to drill. They are width adjustable, so they’ll fit the smallest to the largest of trucks.

Q: Do they come painted?
A: No, usually they arrive bare metal, however we do offer them powdercoated in Satin Black for an additional 200$ and 2-3 extra weeks lead time.

Q: How do I attach my tent to the rack?
A: Your tent should have come with hardware that is specific to the tent, that will let you secure it to our bed rack.

Q: What size is the tubing?
A: The tubing is 1.5” Outside Diameter, and the cross tubes are 1.25” outside diameter

Q: What length rack should I get?
A: We offer three different lengths. 38” long, 46” long, and 60” long.

Q: What height rack should I get?
A: Get the standard height if you want to see out of your rear view mirror. Get the Low Profile if you want to bring the tent below the cab ceiling. Get the mid-height if you want the best of both worlds.

Q: How soon will I get my rack?
A: Our lead time is 2-3 weeks from the date of order. We use UPS for shipment, and they’re normally under 5 days anywhere in the country.

Q: How do I install my tire carrier bed rack?
A: Since there are four slip fit tube connectors, assembling the rack can be sort of difficult. Get two ratchet straps setup to help pull the rack halves evenly together until the rack fits on your vehicle! Then, bolt the rack to your vehicle using the provided attachment brackets. Once this is all done, connect the long center plate together.
To measure the height of the tire spindle, place a straight edge across the BACK/INSIDE of your tire. Measure from that straight edge to the wheel mounting surface. Then, slide the spindle height to that measurement. You may subtract 1/16”-⅛” if you like so that the tire squishes down onto the rack for an extra secure fit.

Q: What length slider do I need for my truck?
A: Measure from the BACK of the FRONT wheel well, to the FRONT of the REAR wheel well, and subtract a few inches from that measurement to get the right length slider.

Q: Do you offer bolt-on sliders for my truck?
A: We only have bolt on sliders for newer tacomas and rangers, but no other vehicle at this time.

Q: Should I get a welded kit or a DIY kit?
A: The welded kit DOES still need the legs cut to length and welded on; this is usually done by a reputable weld shop. The DIY kit is only precut, and pre-bent. You need to notch the tubing and weld it yourself, then weld it to your vehicle.

Q: What is the difference between the MAXX protection and Extreme Maxx sliders?
A: The MAXX protection sliders are made from HREW Tubing, which is less expensive but a little weaker than the Extreme Duty MAXX Sliders which are made from DOM. DOM is a stronger material, but costs a bit more.

Q: Do the sliders come painted or powder coated?
A: No, all of our non-specific slider products come bare metal, as they will all need to be welded on even if the main slider is welded together by us. However, our bolt on slider selection can be powder coated satin black for an additional 300$. Please contact us if you would like your bolt-on rock sliders to be powder coated. 

Q: Why isn't powdercoating an option on the listing then?
A: I understand other outlets offer coating as an option, and we still can offer it on your product! It's just something that's hard to manage quality control since we outsource it. We ask that you reach out to us so that we can open a dialogue about the way the powdercoating process works with us, and it gives us a chance to explain that there is a chance of shipping damage, imperfections in the coating, extra lead time (even beyond what we're told!), and so on. We build our products to order, and so a place that has them on the shelf, coated and ready to go may not face the same challenges we do with offering powdercoating. 

Q: How soon will I get my sliders?
A: All slider kits are currently at a 2-3 week build and lead time, including DIY sliders. Vehicle specific sliders have lead times updated in their listings.