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Hot Metal Fabrication

2019+ Ford Ranger Rock Sliders!

2019+ Ford Ranger Rock Sliders!

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Dimple Die Filler Plates

We are proud to bring to market our 2019-2024 Ford Ranger Rock Sliders Bolt-On Sliders!

Utilizing factory holes, these sliders will mount up without drilling your frame using provided hardware! It is OPTIONAL on the passenger side however. 

We only have sliders for the Super Crew Cab Rangers at this time. We are working on sliders for the Supercab!

We got THREE legs setup on these instead of just two like you may have seen elsewhere!

The front bracket wraps around teo sides of the frame! The middle bracket pinches the frame and uses bolts above the frame. The rear bracket wraps around two sides and uses pre-existing holes to mount it up! We also add a forward facing gusset on the front leg to get as much strength forward of the slider base as possible! With the new up dated design we are now adding a rear gusset to maxamize the protection. on our 2019-2024 Ford Ranger Rock Sliders

Dimple die filler plates OPTIONAL!

  • Main slider made from 2"x 2" x .120 square tube, 84" long

  • Outer rail made from 1 3/4" X .120 round tubing (DOM or HREW)

  • Legs are made from the same material as main slider.

  • Strong enough to take the entire weight of the truck.

  • A hi-lift jack can be used anywhere along it's length.

  • Sold in pairs.

  • Shipped unpainted and uncoated

  • Weld-It-Yourself Kits available - NO INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED. You will receive pre-cut and pre-bent material; it is up to you to notch and fit everything, including dimple die plates if chosen. We will provide you with all the hardware necessary as well!

HREW and DOM options offered. DOM is stronger, but costs more. HREW is a bit more inexpensive, but not quite as strong as DOM. 

Ships UPS Ground
Please allow 5-7 weeks for your product to be fabricated and shipped. 

Interested in powdercoating your Ford Ranger Rock Sliders? We can offer it, but let's open a dialogue about it as there are a few hurdles to deal with in this process, mainly with shipping coated stuff. Hit us up! We love to hear from you. 

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