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Hot Metal Fabrication

4"x4"x4" Fabricators Builder Block - Dice Style

4"x4"x4" Fabricators Builder Block - Dice Style

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This Fabricator block has a multitude of uses for you to explore.

  • Laser cut from 0.25" HRPO
  •  Great spacer, or riser, or general helpful block
  •  5/8" holes allow for stronghand table tooling such as clamps, post studs, and other tools.
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Perfectly square corners for setting up corner joints
  • Ships unfinished

Keyed and receiver design means the entire block clicks together and keeps it's shape!
Tack weld relief divots allow you to keep it rigid for it's entire service life. 
Holes are 1" or 2" on center from each other (depending on dice face). All edges are 90 degrees so you can set up perfect corner joints for welding!
Assembly is a matter of seconds. 

Product is laser cut from 0.25" HRPO. Minor cleaning may be required, finish as you desire.

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