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DIY Universal Over-The-Bed Rack!

DIY Universal Over-The-Bed Rack!

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Hot Metal Fab DIY Universal Over-The-Bed Rack

This is our DIY Kit for our world famous bed racks! We'll send you pre-bent and pre-cut pieces, all you need to do is assemble everything on your truck, tack it all together, and weld it up! Design remains width adjustable!
You will receive: 

  • One set of 3/16" thick Bed Rack Base Plates
  • Four upright, precut and prebent tubes at your chosen height
  • Two upright pre-notched connection cross tubes OR two pre-bent MOLLE Panels
  • Two sleeve bedrack half cross tubes
  • Four 3/16" angle gussets (not provided if you choose MOLLE Panels)
  • Four mounting brackets of your choice
  • 3/8"-16 weld nuts to weld into your chosen brackets
  • All mounting hardware

Once assembled, it will hold a roof rack, rooftop tent, or whatever you want to put on it! We have three different heights to offer this to you in. Low profile, which is 6" tall, mid-height which is 11.5" tall, and standard height at 15" tall. We have an over-sized height available as well that comes 22" tall!

The base of the DIY Universal Over-The-Bed Rack is 38" long total, and the width is adjustable to fit a wide variety of trucks!

Universal design fits most pickup beds.  Bolts directly to Tacoma and Tundra factory sliding bed rails with our Standard Brackets. Or, if you have a truck without the accessory track system, our universal mounting pinch brackets grab under the bedside so there is no drilling necessary for installation. We also have Nissan Utility Track brackets!

Heavy duty design will hold the weight of any rooftop tent or any roof rack.

  • *Static weight capacity 1,000lbs
  • *Dynamic weight capacity - 400lbs
  • 4 available heights, 6 inches, 11.5 inches, 15 inches, and 22 inches.
  • Base of rack is 38 inches long
  • Universal pinch mounting brackets means no drilling for trucks without an accessory track on the bed rails
  • Ships via UPS

 Please allow 2-3 weeks for assembly and delivery.

DIY Universal Over-The-Bed Rack


Looking to build your own bed rack? Check out our latest YouTube video for a step-by-step guide on creating your own! Don't miss out—watch now and start building!

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