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Hot Metal Fabrication

Pre-Welded Rock Sliders! 60"-96" Lengths

Pre-Welded Rock Sliders! 60"-96" Lengths

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Base! Round? Square? DOM? HREW?
Dimple Die Filler Plates?

Hot Metal Fab Pre-Welded Rock Sliders! 60"-96" Lengths


Customize and create your Rock Sliders to your liking! We offer these options in Pre-Welded, and DIY Kits! See our other listing for the Weld-It-Yourself version and save by doing it yourself!
This listing gets your sliders in your choice of tubing and material, with the main slider welded together by us. We will send you loose legs that you need to cut to length, and then weld them on to your vehicle!

Want dimple die filler plates? Add them! We'll weld on some 12ga filler plates with 1.75" dimple die plates and then send you the sliders for you to get welded on to your truck!

Sliders are the first step in protection for your rig. Rock Sliders are built to protect your rocker from trail damage and our heavy duty design can take a beating, while keeping the body unharmed. These sliders will fit many different vehicles, just check for the length you need by measuring and make sure to measure wheel well to wheel well to determine the length needed. The main slider is available in 2"x 2" x 0.120 square tube or 1.75" x 0.120 round. Outer rails are made from 1.75" x 0.120 round DOM or HREW tubing. The legs are made from the same material as the available main slider base: 2"x 2" 0.120 square or 1.75" 0.120 round.

  • Main Slider made from 2"x 2" x .120 Square or 1.75" X .120 Round
  • Outer rail made from 1.75" X .120 round DOM or HREW tubing

  • Legs are made from your selected main slider material

  • Heavy duty design can take a pounding from the rocks

  • Strong enough to take the entire weight of the truck

  • A high-lift jack can be used anywhere along it's length

  • Sold in pairs

  • Shipped unpainted

  • Products are built to order; please allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication and shipment of your order.
  • Don't see your desired length? Email us!

Curious about the strength difference between DOM and HREW? Check this test series by 4xi!

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