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Universal Tire Carrier Bed Rack

Universal Tire Carrier Bed Rack

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Following in the footsteps of our Universal Over-The-Bed Rack, we've designed this to have the same width adjustability. With that in mind, this rack will fit anything from a Tacoma to a Silverado, from a Ranger to a Titan and beyond.

Different tire sizes and backspacing are also accommodated using a two piece tire carrier spindle. No ratchet straps required, just bolt your tire down to the multi-lug pattern spindle.

MOLLE Panel Rack is STANDARD: The tubular style rack is an additional 200$ due to complexity in fixturing and configuration. If you choose to Weld-It-Yourself, the tubular style is not additional. 

Much like our other Universal Racks, this one also features our universal pinch brackets, our Tacoma Utility Track brackets, or our Nissan Bed Track Brackets. No drilling required.

You will receive

  • Two bedrack halves
  • Four connecting tubes
  • A handful of 3/8” hardware to bolt the tire carrier plates on
  • The brackets you’ve selected for your vehicle.

We will also provision the tire carrier plate with M14x1.5 wheel studs and standard lug nuts; if your spare requires specialty lugnuts, you will need to obtain these. E-mail us with any questions!


This product is built-to-order, please allow 4-6 weeks for fabrication and shipment. Item ships via regular UPS Ground.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO WELD-IT-YOURSELF: Please note, this is an intermediate level WIY setup. We use a relatively intricate fixture to ensure these are put together well. Above average fabrication tools and skill levels required. We do NOT have instructions for you at this time.

Q: How do I install my tire carrier bed rack?

A: Since there are four slip fit tube connectors, assembling the rack can be mildly difficult. Get two ratchet straps setup to help pull the rack halves evenly together until the rack fits on your vehicle! Then, bolt the rack to your vehicle using the provided attachment brackets. Once this is all done, connect the long center plate together. To measure the height of the tire spindle, place a straight edge across the BACK/INSIDE of your tire. Measure from that straight edge to the wheel mounting surface. Then, slide the spindle height to that measurement. You may subtract 1/16”-⅛” if you like so that the tire squishes down onto the rack for an extra secure fit.

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